King's Seal reveals the hidden history of Australia's first Aboriginal Land rights, documents the struggle for recognition of rights that were granted then denied to South Australia's Aboriginal people and exposes the breaches occuring today.

In 1836, the King of the British Empire (King William IV) enshrined into law the "Letters Patent", the founding document that established the state of South Australia. The King's "Letters Patent" also included a priviso that granted Aboriginal people the legal right to continue to occupy and enjoy their land for always, enshrined in law by the King's seal.

175 years later, this film exposes the King's Letters Patent - the denial of rights, conspiracy, treason, theft, murder and breaches perpetrated against South Australia's Aboriginal people.

The Proviso
states (Rights granted to Aboriginal people in the King’s Letters Patent, the founding document that established South Australia) : ..."Provided always that nothing in those our Letters Patent contained shall affect or be construed to affect the rights of any Aboriginal Natives of the said province to the actual occupation or enjoyment in their own persons or in the persons of their descendants of any lands there in now actually occupied or enjoyed by such natives".

Consecutive governments have ignored the legal rights in the King's Letters Patent - still enshrined in law today - and South Australia's Aboriginal people and Descendants live with the consequences every day.

6 years in the making. From the producers of the international award winning documentary Sacred Ground ( From hidden history, to fishing rights, desecration of Aboriginal burial grounds, British Nuclear testing, to the High Court of Australia. This award winning film gives Aboriginal people with little voice, a voice.

Produced by MAV Media.
Produced in Association with NITV Australia.
Developed and Produced with the Assistance of South Australian Film Corporation.
Principal Investor Screen Australia.
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