WINNER Best Indigenous Film
2015 People of Passion International Film Festival (Australia)

Global Film Award : Award of Merit Special Mention
2015 IndieFest Global Film Awards (USA)

International Award of Merit
2015 International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture (Indonesia)

Nominated Best Documentary
Bobby Brown Homelands - short from the film King's Seal.
2015 South Australian Screen Awards

2015 International Film Festival - Environment, Health and Culture (Indonesia)
Official Selection

2015 People of Passion International Film Festival (Australia)
Official Selection

2015 Universe Multicultural Film Festival (California, USA)
Official Selection

2015 DocFeed Documentary Festival (Netherlands)
Official Selection

2015 FIFO Pacific International Documentary Film Festival (Tahiti)
Official Selection

National Indigenous TV (NITV) Australia
August 13, 2014

VIEWER FEEDBACK : We just wanted to thank you for educating us on this disgusting behaviour of the government!  It is so sad to think that this news doesn't even make main stream news and television. How appalling that this racism and disrespect for the rights of our indigenous owners is still being carried out in the year 2015!  It brings tears to my eyes see how the government are treating the Aboriginal people, the indigenous people of Australia.  How embarrassing that we as white Australians are so uneducated about our own history and culture.  Australian history including the history of Aboriginal people, there culture, language, medicine and the treatment they received by white Australians should be taught in schools.  How upsetting to think that as a 30year old I have never been educated about this in all my years of schooling.  I will be sure to make sure our children know their history and what really has happened. Hopefully with more programs like this and hopefully people watch and learn from these that we can stand together and make changes that have long been needed...Brodie M

Justice and Peace Candle Light Walk around Government House, Adelaide
Supporting the King's Seal and the Letters Patent.
745pm for 8pm start : first friday every month - start near government house gates - west of Dame Roma Mitchell statue - North Tce - bring a candle - Everyone Welcome. Organised by Roma Mitchell Community Legal Centre.

King's Seal ATOM Study Guide link

Aboriginal Heritage Training and Safety video
Free online access :

WINNER Best OHS video - 2013 National Award
(AVPA Australian Video Producers Assoc National Awards).

A practical step-by-step visual guide to the structures, protocols and procedures needed to respectfully help educate, understand and navigate the Aboriginal Heritage Process.

Watch Now - Video On Demand link

ATOM Study Guide (for schools) download link :