Filmmaker's Statements
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Kim Mavromatis and Quenten Agius have worked together for 14 years on a number of award winning documentary and corporate projects. King's Seal is their follow up film to their highly acclaimed documentary, Sacred Ground ( Both films took 11 years to produce.

Quenten Agius
The importance of the film is to wake people up and to let people know the facts about the Letters Patent rights that were granted to Aboriginal people in South Australia. We hope that the doco is going to be well received not just as a doco but also as a learning tool for generations to come - for everyone - white and black Australians. Like all observational docos, it was a long and slow process, but at the end of the day we are proud of what we have produced as filmmakers. We give thanks to all the people who have a voice in the film, who were willing to participate and stand up for Aboriginal rights. It’s the people who stand up for our rights that will enable change to happen. We look forward to the day when the Letters Patent is recognised and enacted.

Kim Mavromatis
Not many people know how South Australia was established or know about the Aboriginal rights that were granted in South Australia’s founding document, the Letters Patent. What's written in the founding document can't be denied. Even the Premier of South Australia, Jay Westherill, agrees in the film that the land was stolen. Why has this secret been hidden for sooo long and why does South Australia still celebrate the establishment of the state (Proclamation Day) on the wrong date???? 

We started filming the doco on Feb 19 2009 (Letters Patent Anniversary) and completed the filming on Feb 23 2014.  We self-funded the filming (5 years) and followed a number of key stories. Editing took 5.5 months (longer than expected).

Like Quenten, I also would like to thank the supporting organisations and characters in the film -  Stephen Goldsmith, Jeffrey Newchurch, Owen Karpany, Daniel Karpany, Lynette Crocker and all the other characters who made the film possible - who gave us unique access and trusted us with their stories.

It was Patrick Byrt who first introduced us to the Letters Patent and he was our key go-to person when it came to the Letters Patent.

I’d also like to sincerely thank the broadcaster and film agencies who gave us fantastic support : NITV, who licensed the film, and Screen Australia and South Australian Film Corporation, who funded development and post production.

We are really proud of this film - it gives people of little voice, a voice.

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Jeffrey Newchurch

Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith

Daniel and Owen Karpany

Lynette Crocker

Bobby Brown

Vincent Branson and Quenten Agius

45th Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill

Governor of South Australia, Kevin Scarce

Letters Patent Descendants Group

Major Sumner and Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith

Patrick T Byrt

Crew pics courtesy of Aussie Kanck

King’s Seal Closing Credits (Full list - in order of appearance)

King's Seal Produced in South Australia

Special Thank You to:
Letters Patent Descendants, Kaurna Nation Cultural Heritage, Ngadjuri Nation Aboriginal Corp, Adjahdura Narungga Heritage, ANTaR South Australia State Records, SA Nunga Wangga Radio, Adelaide Taikurtinna (Family) Dancers Aboriginal Cultural Tours, SA Warriappendi School, The Australian, Justice & Peace Candlelight Walk

Special Thank You to:
Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith, Owen Karpany, Daniel Karpany, Jeffrey Newchurch,
Lynette Crocker, Quenten Agius, Vincent Branson, Bobby Brown, Dylan Coleman, Lynsey Cruse, Andrew Karpany, Sam Toffe, David Thorpe, Isaac Dixon, Carlo Sansbury.

Special Thank You to:
Victor Wilson, Major Sumner, Patrick T Byrt, Jeff Nicholas, Tom Gara, Tauto Sansbury, Joe Mitchell, Andrew Wilson, Matilda House, Peter Lewis, Sarah McCarthy, Jodus Madrid, Christine Brown, Berg Lawyers, All participants

Directors / Producers
Quenten Agius / Kim Mavromatis

Associate Producer / Narrator
Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith

Cinematographer / Editor
Kim Mavromatis

Alexis West, Kim Mavromatis, Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith, Quenten Agius

Consultant Editor
Andrew Arestides ASE

Sound Mixer / Facilities
Scott llingworth / Best FX, Adelaide

Music Composer and Sound Design
Ashley Klose

Music Track
"Land" Written & Performed by Matthew Morrison. Supported by CASM, Adelaide

Sound Recording
Quenten Agius / Kim Mavromatis

Musicians / Performers
Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith / Major Sumner / Jamie Goldsmith / Robbie Thorpe Jr Quenten Agius / Chris Angrave

Joseph Cattermole / Chris Angrave

Aboriginal Consultants
Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith / Quenten Agius / Jeffrey Newchurch

Archival Materials
State Records, SA,  Art Gallery of SA, State Library of NSW National Gallery of Australia,  National Film & Sound Archive,  Totem 1 & 2 actually "Kite" & "Marcoo" (Maralinga)

Historical Paintings
Art Gallery of South Australia
North Tce, Adelaide - Martha Berkeley, 1839
Aboriginal Encampment, Adelaide - Alexander Schramm, 1854
View of Adelaide from Torrens - Samuel Calvert, 1850
State Library of New South Wales
Natives driven to court for trespassing - W.A. Cawthorne, 1845
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
Tribe of natives on banks of Torrens, Adelaide - Alexander Schramm, 1850

Letters Patent Research
Patrick T Byrt

Additional Camera
Gavin Blieschke

Production Admin
Tracy Mavromatis

Justine Hall, SA / Jannali Jones, NITV / Sophie Christian, SAFC

Screen Australia Project Manager
Sam Griffin

SAFC Production Executive
Melissa Juhanson

NITV Commissioning Editor
Pauline Clague

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Developed & Produced with the Assistance of SAFC
Principal Investor Screen Australia

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